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MIVNET Releases Latest Article Featuring Longtime Subscriber Resolve Collaboration Services Corporation
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MIVNET, the free global videoconferencing directory, has released the second in a series of articles featuring subscribers and customers of MIVNET’s services. The articles are featured on MIVNET’s home page and serve to shine a spotlight on the loyal customers who are responsible for MIVNET’s success.


MIVNET has thousands of subscribers who list their public rooms for videoconferencing  in the free, easily searchable directory, which is accessed by customers worldwide.


One of those subscribers is Resolve Collaboration Services Corporation, which has been using MIVNET’s services for more than a decade.


“MIVNET has been extremely helpful for finding locations worldwide to support our customer needs,” according to Michael Levesque, CEO of Resolve Collaboration Services Corporation. “We have engaged many new clients from having our rooms listed and likewise have booked many affiliate rooms as well.” See interview.


Levesque has been using MIVNET’s services since he started in the videoconferencing industry in 1998.


“Customers like Resolve Collaboration Services are the reason that MIVNET is in business. We’re delighted to make it easier for customers all over the world to find business quality public rooms for all of their videoconferencing needs,” according to Mark Levy, founder and CEO of MIVNET. Customers use public rooms to hold meetings, take depositions, provide distance learning opportunities, interview prospective employees, and for many other purposes.


MIVNET has a user-friendly, easy to search directory of public rooms, along with services such as live chat for subscribers and customers, regular news updates on the videoconferencing industry, an API which allows developers to include MIVNET’s search capabilities on their own website, and much more.


Those seeking to learn more may contact MIVNET

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