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As you know, MIVNET has added numerous new features to our directory of public rooms for videoconferencing. These new features, such as live chat, the "compare" feature which allows customers to search up to seven rooms at once, and banner advertising, are making it easier than ever before for customers and owners of public rooms to find each other.


If you own business class public rooms and would like to find out more about what MIVNET can do for you, why not take advantage of our current offer of a 30 day free trial? You can get started right away with a free 30 day trial Public Room subscription or upgrade to Affiliate Subscription. There are no long term contracts, and no credit card is required.


It's a no-cost, no-risk way to find out how MIVNET can benefit your business and help introduce you to a broad new audience of potential customers who are looking for public rooms for their depositions, meetings, distance education classes, and many other uses.

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