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Video Conferencing Executive Suite & Teleconferencing Services

Let's uncover this technology that brings you face to face--even when you're thousands of miles apart. Today, it's a reality for your company, and it can save you big bucks in employee travel expenses and wasted time.

Time and distance no longer prohibit you from having a meeting that brings you so close--it's as if everyone were sitting at the same board room table. You can read the other's facial expressions, hear their voices, read the documents sitting on their table--all live! Videoconferencing and teleconferencing are great solutions for companies that want displacement of costs associated with travel, hotels, meals, lost productivity, and more.

Multiple Site and International Capabilities

Registered MIVNET providers can coordinate your conference with one or multiple video conferencing executive suite sites, IP, ISDN or satellite networks. You can locate MIVNET providers that offer enhanced network services such as multi-point control units (MCU) and IP, ISDN gateway services here. Coordinating a meeting with your headquarters and all the affiliate offices has never been easier and  is possible with today's multipoint videoconferencing technology. Through MIVNET, locate the gateway or MCU that you need globally.

Internet Broadcasting - Webcasting - Streaming

When conventional interactive videoconferencing is not possible there are other options. Through MIVNET you can originate "Live Internet Broadcasts" easily to anywhere in the world.  The viewer must have a web browser and a good quality internet connection. There can be over 10,000 viewers per event. Some features of internet broadcasting include:

  • Large Video Window with Full Screen option
  • Support Windows Media Player, Real Player, and QuickTime formats
  • Provide crisp, clear, synchronous audio and video with no buffering, and no downloads
  • Simultaneous streaming of PowerPoint presentations (customer driven or automated)
  • Interactive chat functionality and/or email interfaces
  • Built in secure user authentication tools (Password Protection, Encryption)
  • Session database compilation, Polling and Survey Options
  • Live broadcasts can be archived and available within 24 hours for later viewing over the internet
  • Customized webpage template for broadcast

Through IP, ISDN or satellite networks, MIVNET can deliver enhanced motion, exceptional video quality, enhanced frame size and full screen video. The MIVNET solution delivers quality video presentation at high or low bandwidth, enabling MIVNET customers to reach virtually all users with a connection to the internet. MIVNET specializes in live broadcasting efficiently and economically. Ask about customized interactive software interface; with chat, streaming PowerPoint, security, Q & A and reporting.

From the desktop to Group Conferencing to a worldwide forum. MIVNET is here to help.